Striking Results – How You Study Really Does Matter

Pass The ExamIn case you missed the recent article in the New York Times and the research published online in the journal Science, both discussed important findings about adult learning.  According to the New York Times, “students who read a passage, then took a test asking them to recall what they had read, retained about 50 percent more of the information a week later than students who used two other methods.”  Those other methods were reading the passage multiple times and making detailed notes and diagrams. 

According to the Times, many cognitive scientists and educators found these research results striking. Marcia Linn, an education professor at the University of California, Berkeley, told the newspaper that students who take tests as part of their studying process ”recognize some gaps in their knowledge” and “might revisit the ideas in the back of their mind or the front of their mind.” 

We only wish they had contacted the Real Estate Institute for a comment.  For years, the approach of having students use a study guide to read the material followed by taking practice tests has been our mantra.  Through our PREP-to-PASS programs, we have even taken it a step further by assessing students’ performance after they take the practice test and directing them back to the section in the study guide that they need to review again.   Thousands of licensees have successfully passed their licensing exams with our comprehensive exam preparation programs. 

For more information about these articles, please click on the following links:

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