Only a few weeks left … You can do this!

I did it!If you or anyone you know has ever considered getting a real estate license, this is the time to do it.  March 15, 2011, is the last date that a new Illinois real estate license candidate can complete a 45-credit-hour pre-license course and attempt the state exam.    If you miss this deadline, the education requirement DOUBLES! 

There’s still time to get your license before the new license requirements go into effect  You can do this!  Real Estate Institute’s real estate pre-licensing self-study program can be completed within a few weeks if you follow the three steps listed below:

1.  Develop a plan.

The textbook contains 17 chapters. Plan to study one chapter per day.  You should read the chapter, do the quiz at the end of each chapter, review the key terms, and call for instructor assistance if you have any questions before moving on to the next chapter. There are six lesson exams that must be completed with a passing score of 75%. Read the chapters in the order that corresponds to each lesson exam.

For example: Lesson 1 contains questions pertaining to chapters 1, 2, 3 and 11. If you are studying one chapter per day, you should be able to successfully submit the lesson exam on day five.

If you stay on track and plan one chapter per day followed by the lesson exams, you will be ready to take the final exam in 24 days!

2.  Stay committed.

You have made the decision to do this. Stay committed to your goal and finish what you started. Call one of our instructors if you have any questions.  They are experienced licensees and can not only help you with the textbook, but also with the practical aspects of the real estate business. 

3.  No Excuses.

Do not make excuses!   You have come this far by developing a plan and staying committed.  Now all you have to do is stay focused and make no excuses that will interfere with your progress. You can do this, and if you need to be reminded, call for instructor assistance.

Ready – Set – Get licensed!

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