The Latest News from the Real Estate Educator Association Conference

Recently, I attended the annual conference of the Real Estate Educator Association in Las Vegas.  I am pleased to report that the Real Estate Institute continues to be a leader in real estate education. I learned that we have already been utilizing the delivery methods and techniques that were first suggested by the regulators.  Some of the largest national providers of materials and technical delivery products are now beginning to suggest these methods.  Most schools are finally thinking about offering the type of web-based classroom broadcasts that Real Estate Institute has been doing for the last two years.

Is the Value of Agents Diminishing?
As a licensed broker, I was very interested to hear that the public continues to believe that real estate professionals are the best source for information about available properties.  Of course, if information about property inventories is the main reason buyers and renters are seeking our help, then we are in big trouble.  The internet will be replacing us before we know it. Training real estate licensees about how to emphasize the benefits of the other services they offer to the public was a recurring topic of the conference.

In Real Estate Institute’s new pre-license and post-license courses, we have been training new licensees to better serve the real estate needs of the public. For example, we concentrate on third-party negotiations, which are a huge benefit for prospective clients.  We teach our students how to proceed in transactions ensuring the best price for the party whom they are representing.  Our new continuing education courses will continue to address this issue.

Prospecting with Social Media
There was a lot of discussion about social media (facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) at the conference and the fact that only a very small number of licensees have learned how to take advantage of these forms of prospecting. Based on what I heard at the conference, the Real Estate Institute will be adding programs to assist our students in this area.

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