Before You Renew Your Real Estate Broker License – READ THIS!

The IDFPR has begun mailing Broker license renewal forms. If you’re a Broker who has transitioned or plans to transition to Managing Broker, DO NOT USE this form.  This is strictly for renewal as a Broker licensee.  

This renewal form should ONLY be used by the following licensees:

  • Brokers licensed on or before 4/30/11 who are NOT transitioning to the Managing Broker license.
  • Brokers licensed after 5/1/2011 who transitioned from the Salesperson license. 
  • Brokers licensed after 5/1/2011 who completed a 90 credit hour pre-license program before passing the state exam and applying for their license.

As a reminder, the deadline for Broker renewals is 4/30/12.   Continuing education (CE) must be obtained from an IDFPR-approved real estate school. Your CE course provider must report your CE course completion. 

Salesperson licensees will not receive renewal forms since this license type expires permanently on 4/30/12.  Click here for information on how to remain a licensed real estate agent.

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