Deadline Approaches for Illinois Real Estate Proficiency Exam

If you plan to take the proficiency exam (state-based transition test), make sure you schedule your test NOW.  All students enrolled for the proficiency exam must test by March 15, 2012.  There are no extensions to this IDFPR deadline!

Exams must be taken at approved real estate pre-license schools.  Test times are limited, so contact your school immediately to schedule your exam.  Real Estate Institute has opened additional test times to accommodate our students.

Real Estate Institute is also offering students additional time and testing convenience to meet the state license transition requirements.  Real Estate Institute students who are currently enrolled for the proficiency exam may transfer their registration to our ALL-in-ONE transition education program. This gives our students an extra 45 days! We will apply the full cost of their previous enrollment with our school toward the cost of this more flexible transition solution.  If you are a Real Estate Institute student who would like to take advantage of this exclusive offer, please contact us at 800-995-1700.

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