Real Estate Broker Management CE Now Available!

Real Estate Institute is pleased to announce that its new Broker Management Continuing Education (BMCE) course has been approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

State law requires Managing Broker licensees to complete a live, 12-hour Broker Management CE course before their renewal deadline on April 30, 2013. Self-study coursework is not permitted to satisfy this requirement. The only Managing Brokers who are exempt from this requirement are:

  • Attorneys who are currently registered to practice in Illinois.
  • Broker licensees who transitioned to Managing Broker by taking a 45-credit-hour transition course.

Real Estate Institute’s two-day BMCE class is led by experienced real estate professionals and trainers and provides a dynamic, interactive classroom experience.   This class will apply the law to real-life situations Managing Brokers are likely to experience in their practice.

Course topics include:

  • How to protect your earnings in a highly regulated business environment
  • How to create, manage and enforce office policies
  • How recent amendments to the license law affect you
  • The benefits and obligations that accompany your new license status

 The state-required exam will be given at the end of the last class session and scored immediately.  Students will leave with their exam results.

 This course is offered as a live class at our school and soon will be offered at locations throughout Chicagoland.  Click here for the upcoming class schedule.

For more information about real estate continuing education, please call 800-995-1700 or visit our website.

2 thoughts on “Real Estate Broker Management CE Now Available!

  1. Hi! If you may allow me, I’ll just get some excerpts from your blog to use on my masters degree thesis research about real estates and properties Well written, anyway. ☺ Good job!

  2. To be successful in real estate, it is important to know one’s market. Oftentimes, relators who are successful in one market, such as large-scale commercial properties, will assume that their success will translate to other markets, such as small corporate properties. Doing the research to fully understand any new market that a relator is considering getting involved in is essential to sucess.

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