The New Normal – "Online Law Practice"?

The Internet is changing the way legal professionals need to research and run their practice to competently represent their clients.  With the advent of cloud computing and e-discovery, the legal landscape has drastically changed.

In fact, the ABA amended their Model Rules of Professional Conduct to include the responsibility to keep up with technology relevant to the client and the representation and to protect electronically stored confidential client information.  A recent article commented that the “new ABA rules require you to get with the tech program-like it or not.”  Further, the article stated that “boning up on the latest technology . . .[is] the only way to fulfill the requirements of six resolutions.”

The recent ABA tech show in Chicago highlighted a dizzying amount of new technologies for law practice.  Navigating these many options could be overwhelming.  Internet for Lawyers, speakers featured at the ABA Tech Show, helped navigate the best new online strategies for effective law practice.  They identified secure cloud-computing solutions and effective methods for online due diligence processes that will keep your practice current.

Internet for Lawyers will be back in Chicago for an all-day event on May 20, 2013, when they will present their new seminar, Online Investigative Strategies – The New Due Diligence.  Their presentation will include:

  • Super search engine strategies.
  • Methods to power your office using FREE and low-cost research and cloud computing.
  • Online methods for successful trial preparation, transaction completion and locating missing parties.
  • How to avoid ethical traps of social networking.

Attendees will receive a 500-page book, “The Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet” – a $64.95 value.

Don’t be left out of the “new normal.”  Learn more at

View the entire ABA article here.

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