Loan Originators May Face Delayed Renewal-Are Your Fingerprints Expiring?

As we approach the loan originator license renewal period this year, PLEASE check your fingerprint expiration date inside the NMLS system.  Fingerprints expire every three years per FBI rule, and there WILL be states that will require a refreshed criminal background check for renewal this year.  We don’t have a comprehensive list of states that will be requiring updated criminal background checks (or credit checks) at this point, but the NMLS will be releasing its state-by-state renewal requirements list in the upcoming weeks.  Please make sure to check that list (we’ll link to it on this blog and at as well) when it’s released so you are not surprised by a requirement that you cannot quickly satisfy because of expired fingerprints.

IF your fingerprints are expired and you are licensed in a state that will require an updated CBC (criminal background check), please do not wait until the last minute to be re-printed.  Reviewing CBCs is a time consuming process for state regulators – many states only have one person to review these reports – and you don’t want to be forced into a delayed renewal because you waited until the deadline to be re-fingerprinted.

More thoughts from the AARMR conference to come both here and in our all-new 2013 CE courses.

Thanks for reading, and happy originating!


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