Get Prepared for a State Audit of Your Broker Education Records

Stack of FilesThis time of year, thousands of Illinois Brokers are completing the continuing education or post-license education needed to renew their real estate licenses. If you are one of those Brokers who has already passed your course exam, you may feel confident that you’re finished. But will you be prepared for the state to audit your education records? Failure to produce the proper course completion documents can result in disciplinary action.

IDFPR-approved schools are required to provide Certificates of Course Completion to Brokers; however, the state does not want you to send this certificate with your renewal application. Instead, it is your course provider’s responsibility to report your credit hours to the state of Illinois and provide the Certificate of Course Completion to you for your records.

Most providers report the course completions to the state on a monthly basis. With the April 30 deadline only weeks away, chances are good that those completions will not be reported before the deadline. The good news is that there is a safety net in place to protect you. The license renewal process allows you to attest to the timely completion of your required CE or post-license education. As part of your renewal application, simply check the box that indicates you’ve fully complied with the education requirement for the renewal of your license. After completing the online or paper-based form and submitting the $150 renewal fee, you’re finished!

After the IDFPR processes all of the license renewals, the audits begin. The state will match renewals with course completions. If your course provider failed to submit your completion to the state, you likely will be contacted. It is a good idea to have your Certificate(s) of Completion on hand. This will prove to the state that you are compliant. If you or your course provider is unable to furnish proof of completion, you may be subject to disciplinary action and fines.

It’s not too late to complete your required education. For questions about continuing education and post-license education, call our compliance experts at 800-995-1700 or visit Our students may request supplemental copies of their Certificates of Course Completions at any time.

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