Why Some Leasing Agents Are Paying for CE They Do Not Need

money funnel imageIt’s time for Illinois Residential Leasing Agents to complete their required continuing education. The two-year renewal period seems to come faster and faster every time. The good news is that Leasing Agents only need six credit hours of CE which is half the requirement of Illinois agents who hold a Broker license. The bad news is that some Leasing Agents are completing CE that they don’t need.

Here’s why.

  • Managing Brokers and property managers are telling all of their Leasing Agents that they need CE before July 31.
  • Leasing Agents are receiving e-mails, postcards and letters from various education providers that say all Leasing Agents need CE.

If your manager tells you that you need CE and you get an advertisement, shouldn’t you go ahead and do it? Not so fast. Here’s what you need to know. Not all Leasing Agents need CE.  Leasing Agents who were licensed during the current renewal period are not required to complete continuing education before renewing. These licensees completed a pre-license course and passed the state exam not too long ago, so they are exempt during their first license renewal. Although newly licensed Leasing Agents don’t have to complete CE, they still need to pay the renewal fee to the state by July 31, 2014. If you’d like to confirm your requirement, contact the IDFPR at 800-560-6420.

If you’ve renewed your Leasing Agent license in the past, you do need six credit hours of CE and, of course, you need to pay the renewal fee to the state.


Real Estate Institute has been offering real estate continuing education to Illinois licensees for over 20 years. Leasing Agent continuing education is available in a convenient self-study format. Leasing Agents may start CE today by immediately accessing the online course book.

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