What You Need to Know About Illinois Broker License Renewal In 2016

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The state’s budget woes will soon be felt by Illinois real estate licensees. Last week, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) advised that it will not mail license renewal notifications. This means that there will be no reminder postcard sent in early February before brokers’ deadline. Many brokers don’t give much thought to the license renewal or the education that must be completed until they receive this reminder. This could cause a late rush of continuing education completions and renewal applications being submitted to the state.

The good news is that the IDFPR will begin sending renewal reminders via e-mail. The bad news is that the IDFPR has never required real estate licensees to provide their e-mail addresses, so the department’s database is incomplete. This is a perfect time for you to update your contact information with the state. To easily update or add your e-mail address, click here.

The IDFPR will start accepting Broker license renewal applications in just a few weeks. It’s important that you follow these instructions for a timely renewal.

Step 1 – Complete Continuing Education or Post-License

Illinois real estate Brokers need 12 hours of core/elective continuing education (CE) every renewal period, EXCEPT Brokers who are in their first renewal period. Brokers in their first renewal period are required to complete a 30-hour Broker Post-License course. The current Broker renewal period began May 1, 2014 and ends April 30, 2016. If you complete CE or Post-License education with Real Estate Institute, our school reports your course completion directly to the IDFPR.

Step 2 – Submit Your New License Application

After you have completed your CE or Post-License requirement, you must renew your license with the IDFPR. There are two ways to renew your license:

  • Apply Online – The IDFPR permits online license renewal applications to be submitted up to 90 days before the license expires. This option allows you to complete the entire renewal application and pay online. Click here to apply online.
  • Mail Your Application – The IDFPR typically mails licensees a copy of the renewal application 60 days before the license expires. However, with the budget cuts, it’s likely that this mailing will be discontinued too. The application can be completed online, printed and mailed with payment. If you use the paper application, we strongly recommend that you send it to the IDFPR via USPS Certified Mail so that you receive confirmation of delivery to the IDFPR. Delivery confirmation will be critical in the event of a delay in license renewal. It will likely take the IDFPR several weeks to process your application.

If you have questions about your education requirements for renewal, please call Real Estate Institute at 800-995-1700 to speak to one of our compliance experts. More information can also be found at InstituteOnline.com/NextSteps.

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