How to Meet the Upcoming Deadline for Illinois Managing Broker License Renewal in 2021

Illinois Managing Brokers – it’s go time. The window is quickly closing to meet the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation’s (IDFPR) deadline for license renewal applications.

If you have yet to renew your license, do not fret. Real Estate Institute is here to act as a resource to ensure you have completed your proper, and required, education to renew your license. We’ve informed you of what you need to know about Illinois Managing Broker License Renewal in 2021, but let’s review again in light of the April 30th deadline.

Note: if for some reason, you did not receive any communications from IDFPR about this renewal window, please update your contact information with the state to receive future notices. To update or add your email address, click here.

To renew your Illinois Managing Broker License Renewal, you must:

  1. Complete Continuing Education
  2. Submit Your License Renewal Application
  3. Download Your New License

Complete Continuing Education

If you are feeling the pressure of this deadline and having flashbacks to writing a school book report the night before it was due – take a deep breath. The team at Real Estate Institute is here to help.

You must complete: 

  • 12 hours of Core and Elective CE, including:
    • 4-Hour Core
    • 1-Hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • 12-hour Broker Management CE course (curriculum updated this year)

See, not so bad. With your brains and Real Estate Institute’s support – you can knock those CE courses out in plenty of time.

We do want to remind all Managing Brokers that you can now complete your entire requirement anywhere, at any time with Online Distance Education.

Please remember, if you are a newly licensed Managing Broker renewing for the first time, you may be exempt from Broker Management CE. Our team of professionals is happy to verify your requirement – reach out to us.

Submit Your New License Application

Once you’ve completed your required continuing education, the finish line is in sight. The next step is to renew your license with the IDFPR by application – you are required to pay a $200 renewal fee. Submitting your application can be achieved in one of two ways:

Real Estate Institute strongly recommends that you opt in for online renewal to ensure you meet the deadline. If you choose to renew by mail-in, request proof of delivery to ensure that it reaches the IDFPR by April 30th.

Download Your New License

At this point in your Managing Broker license renewal journey, we hope you breathe a sigh of relief. All that’s left to do is download a copy of your license once IDFPR has processed your application and notified you via email.

Ready to Renew your Managing Brokers License?

You now understand what is required to meet the April 30th deadline – begin your renewal process by visiting the IDFPR website.

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