READY, SET, TRANSITION! IDFPR Applications Are Now Available

This week, the applications that are required to complete the Illinois real estate license transition became available from the IDFPR.  The online and paper applications can be accessed at the department’s website:

Please note:  The online / electronic application is only available to licensees who elected to transition by completing the proficiency examination.  Licensees who opted to complete the transition education program (which we strongly recommend) are required to submit the paper application. 

The obvious question that follows is … WHY?  The paper form is necessary because there is currently no process for approved schools to electronically report transition course completions to the IDFPR.  As a result, licensees are required to submit an original copy of their certificate(s) of completion to the IDFPR with their paper application.  Without a copy of the certificate(s), it won’t be possible for the department to verify that the transition requirements were satisfied – so don’t forget to provide this additional paperwork when submitting your application!

The IDFPR has established an electronic reporting process for proficiency exam completions.  This one was a bit easier because all of the reporting comes from one vendor – Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP), the company responsible for creating, maintaining, and grading the proficiency exam.  It’s not clear how often AMP will be reporting course completions to the IDFPR, so you may not be able to file your online application immediately after passing the proficiency exam.   (We’ve already heard from some students who ran into this “roadblock.”)

As a reminder, we offer convenient self-study programs that allow you to satisfy the transition requirements.  Call or visit our updated transition website today!

New Deadline for Illinois Real Estate Exam

As you may have heard, beginning April 30, 2011, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) will no longer issue new real estate salesperson licenses.  The original deadline for a new salesperson candidate to pass the state exam was March 15, 2011, to allow the state sufficient time to process and issue the new licenses. 

For many of you who have been pulling all-nighters to meet this looming deadline, your stress levels were taken to new heights when you found out that most test centers around the state were full.  Real Estate Institute has fielded so many calls from panicked students.

Good news is here!  Real Estate Institute was notified by the IDFPR yesterday that they have authorized Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) to extend the deadline for salesperson examinations as follows:

  • Testing will now be permitted through Saturday, March 19, 2011.

For more information visit the IDFPR’s website.