Before You Renew Your Real Estate Broker License – READ THIS!

The IDFPR has begun mailing Broker license renewal forms. If you’re a Broker who has transitioned or plans to transition to Managing Broker, DO NOT USE this form.  This is strictly for renewal as a Broker licensee.  

This renewal form should ONLY be used by the following licensees:

  • Brokers licensed on or before 4/30/11 who are NOT transitioning to the Managing Broker license.
  • Brokers licensed after 5/1/2011 who transitioned from the Salesperson license. 
  • Brokers licensed after 5/1/2011 who completed a 90 credit hour pre-license program before passing the state exam and applying for their license.

As a reminder, the deadline for Broker renewals is 4/30/12.   Continuing education (CE) must be obtained from an IDFPR-approved real estate school. Your CE course provider must report your CE course completion. 

Salesperson licensees will not receive renewal forms since this license type expires permanently on 4/30/12.  Click here for information on how to remain a licensed real estate agent.

Important Real Estate Transition News – IDFPR Releases Combined Transition/Renewal Application

On February 1, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation released a new salesperson-to-broker transition application that combines the transition AND renewal fees on the same form.  Starting today, you MUST use this combined form.  There is a new online and paper-based application available at the IDFPR’s website.  Here’s a link to the application forms. All Real Estate Institute students who complete our 30-credit-hour transition course will receive the new combined application with their certificate of completion along with an envelope addressed to the IDFPR.  Your application, certificate and fees must be postmarked on or before April 30, 2012. 

 Please note: Salespersons who fail to meet the April 30, 2012, transition deadline will lose their licenses.  There is no late renewal. A salesperson who does not transition will need to take a 90-credit-hour broker pre-license course and pass the state exam to continue earning commissions and referrals.

If you have questions about the new combined transition/renewal application, please call the IDFPR at 217-782-3414.  If you have questions about satisfying the transition education and testing requirements, we have the following comprehensive resources available for you:

  • Transition Education Requirements and Online Enrollment – click here and select your license type.
  • Transition Frequently Asked Questions – click here.
  • Continuing Education Frequently Asked Questions – click here.
  • Transition/Renewal Next Steps – after you have completed your education and testing, click here for instructions on what you do next.
  • Real Estate Institute customer service representatives are available Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answer your questions and complete your enrollment.  Call 800-995-1700.