Learn Highly Sought-After Skills to Build Your Legal Practice

According to data cited in the ABA Journal, barely half of all 2012 law school graduates had full-time, long-term legal jobs.  Considering that the class entering law school in 2010 was the largest on record, this represents a huge number.  In fact, the number of 2012 graduates not employed full time in legal positions is over 20,000.  Imagine the crowd at a sold out Black Hawks game at the United Center, and you have a good picture of what this number looks like.

What if there was a way for this group and any attorney wanting to build their practice to effectively obtain and retain new clients?   Many attorneys across the country have turned to lawyer coach Roy Ginsburg for expert support in the area of business development.  Mr. Ginsburg is a skilled nationally accredited CLE speaker who teaches invaluable skills to market and build a legal practice that you never learned in law school.  In today’s highly competitive legal economy, this is a must if you want to succeed.

This year, Roy Ginsburg is speaking in Illinois exclusively for the Real Estate Institute.  On May 10, 2013, Mr. Ginsburg will present his live continuing legal education seminar, Build Your Practice – Effective, Ethical Business Development and Client Retention.  By attending this engaging, multi-media seminar, you will learn proven methods to build your practice and fulfill your entire Ethics CLE requirement.  The following skills will be covered in this live presentation:

  • Creating high visibility for your practice
  • Identifying the best methods to grow your client base
  • Generating successful marketing strategies

Don’t leave the success of your practice to chance!  Enroll today to take advantage of April’s early bird special pricing here.
View the entire ABA Journal article here.

Last Chance for Illinois Attorneys to Report MCLE Credits

Illinois attorneys with last names beginning with A through M are running out of time to report their continuing legal education compliance.  According to the MCLE Board, attorneys who did not complete the required credits by June 30, 2012 are automatically given a “grace period” until September 30, 2012.  If this applies to you, one of two late fees applies:

  1. $100 if the attorney reported non-compliance by July 31, 2012; or
  2. $150 if the attorney failed to report compliance, non-compliance or a valid exemption by July 31, 2012.

Attorneys using the September 30, 2012, grace period can report and pay the appropriate late fee online. To access the MCLE Board online reporting system, click here and complete the steps by September 30, 2012.

Real Estate Institute is approved by the Illinois MCLE Board as an Accredited CLE Provider. If you need last-minute CLE, click here to view a list of online/on-demand presentations. Discount packages are also available for the new 6-hour Ethics requirement and the entire 30-credit-hour requirement (including Ethics).  For a free presentation preview, please click here.

Avoid Costly Fees – MCLE Reporting Deadline Is Approaching

Illinois attorneys must report CLE compliance, non-compliance or exemptions at the end of their two-year reporting period.  Attorneys with last names that begin with “A” through “M” must report by mail or online by the June 30, 2012, deadline.  This year, Illinois attorneys are required to complete 30 hours of CLE for this reporting period.

 The fees for reporting compliance are as follows:

  •  There is no fee for timely reporting of compliance.
  • If attorneys report non-compliance before the deadline, there is a fee of $100. They then have until September 30,2012, to complete the required CLE and report to the MCLE Board.
  • If attorneys fail to report on time, there is a fee of $150. They then have until September 30 to complete the required CLE and report to the MCLE Board.
  • If attorneys report inaccurate certification and are audited by the MCLE Board, they are subject to a fee of $250.
  • If attorneys do not complete their required CLE during the allotted grace period (by September 30) and are removed from the Master Roll of Attorneys, they are subject to a reinstatement fee of $250.

 As a reminder, attorneys are not required to send their certificates of completion or other proof of CLE activities to the MCLE Board unless they have been notified that they are being audited.  Attorneys must keep these documents for three years from the end of their reporting period.  Real Estate Institute also keeps these documents on file for our students. 

For more information about the MCLE Board Fee Schedule, click here.
For information about CLE courses, click here.