URGENT: Attention Licensed Illinois Loan Originators Without An Active Sponsor

If you are a LICENSED Mortgage Loan Originator in the State of Illinois and you have gone to work for a depository institution (or are no longer actively originating), the state has made it possible to maintain your MLO license in an INACTIVE status (provided you did not let it expire after 2010). This will help you avoid having to ‘start over’ if you want to transition back to originating for a state-licensed mortgage broker or mortgage bank in the future. In order to do this, you should log-in to the NMLS and renew your license on or before December 31 to avoid late fees. (February 29th, 2012 is the deadline for LATE renewal.)

In order to submit your renewal request, you must complete 8 hours of NMLS-Approved continuing education for 2011. (We can help you with that!)