Renewing Your Illinois Insurance Producer License? Better Check Your Email

Business-woman-running-with-clockIf you’re like most insurance producers in Illinois, you probably don’t give your continuing education requirements much thought until you receive a license renewal notice from the state. For years, notifications have gone out in the mail and have given insurance professionals a helpful reminder regarding when to complete CE and how to renew their license.

Well, not anymore.

Effective Nov. 5 of last year, the Department of Insurance stopped sending hard-copy renewal notices to licensees. Instead of a mailed reminder, renewal notices will be emailed to whatever email address a producer has on file with the DOI.

Don’t let this change in departmental procedures impact your ability to do business! Consider taking the following steps to make your next renewal as simple as possible:

  1. Complete your continuing education sooner rather than later. As a reminder, producers in Illinois must complete 24 hours of continuing education (including 3 hours of in-class ethics training) in order to renew their license. (Additional requirements exist for producers who sell long-term care insurance.)
  2. Verify that your email address is correct. Producers can confirm, add or change their email address by visiting the National Insurance Producer Registry online at

If you’ve completed the entire 24-credit-hour CE requirement on or before your license expiration date, follow these on-time renewal instructions.

If you’re renewing your license after your expiration date, follow this link for details about reinstating your license.

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Producer Alert: Illinois Makes Changes to LTC Training Requirement

New rules published last week by the Illinois Department of Insurance have made subtle yet significant changes to the training requirements for producers who sell long-term care coverage. Those same rules also provide some long-awaited guidance for insurance carriers who are interested in offering LTC policies in conjunction with the state’s somewhat mysterious Long Term Care Partnership Program.

Are There Changes to Licensing Requirements?
For producers wanting to sell LTC products, the basics of the licensing and training requirements remain the same: An individual who wishes to sell LTC insurance in the state must first have a health insurance license and complete an 8-hour “Long Term Care (Partnership)” training course. Then, in order to continue selling the insurance, the licensee must complete an additional 4 hours of LTC training every 2 years.

What’s The New LTC Training Deadline?
Until now, the 2-year deadline for completing the 4 hours of additional training was tied to the date of the producer’s most recent LTC course completion and not to the producer’s license expiration date. As a result, producers could only ensure compliance with their 4-hour requirement if they could remember the completion date of their initial 8-hour course and all of their subsequent 4-hour completion dates.
Effective immediately, the deadline for completing the additional 4 hours of training is identical to a producer’s license expiration date.

What If I Miss The Deadline?
In another change to the training requirements, the department has implemented a 12-month grace period for producers who fail to complete 4 hours of additional training. Producers who miss their 4-hour deadline will be able to complete their training during the grace period without having to repeat an 8-hour training course again. Be aware, however, that this grace period doesn’t exempt producers from having to complete 24 hours of continuing education (LTC training or otherwise) prior to renewing their license. Selling LTC insurance without the proper license or prior to completing the required 8-hour or 4-hour training continues to be a licensing violation.

What’s New With LTC Partnership Policies?
Besides the changes to producer training, the department’s new rules contain a list of requirements for Long Term Care Partnership policies. Already popular in other states, Partnership policies might allow beneficiaries to qualify for Medicaid without having to “spend down” practically all of their savings. For each dollar received in benefits from an Illinois Partnership policy, the recipient can shield one dollar of assets. Changes to the Illinois rules reflect model language from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

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