Loan Originators – It’s that time of the season, and Real Estate Institute is going National!

Don’t blink! You read that correctly – this is not a drill! Real Estate Institute is going nationwide by the end of this year. That means mortgage loan originators (MLOs) will soon be able to satisfy all their state-specific continuing education (CE) requirements through our top-rated NMLS-Approved mortgage courses.

The courses we offer aren’t your typical boring textbook-led snoozefest. Actual loan originators designed the material for loan originators like you. Our industry veterans turned instructors will make sure you’re engaged, present, and interested in what’s being delivered to you. We know it’s required for you to satisfy your CE requirements, and we’re not trying to waste your valuable time.

We offer our 7-Hour Core or 8-Hour Comprehensive SAFE CE courses in three formats: Classroom, Live Webinar or Online-Self Study.

This year’s topics will include:

  • All NMLS-required compliance topics
  • Cybersecurity concepts and challenges
  • The MLO Compensation rule
  • ARM lending review
  • Title commitments and common issues arising with property vesting

Cybersecurity – A HUGE threat!

Is your company protected? In 2020, it was reported by Mortgage Professionals America (MPA), that cyber-attacks on mortgage professionals were on the rise during COVID-19. Our 2021 CE course will dive into the critical topic of cybersecurity. We’ll cover concepts you need to know and challenges to overcome as you navigate the ever-changing world of data protection. Are you aware that all companies in the mortgage industry must have a written plan to ensure data security under the Gramm Leach Bliley Act? Do you know how your company’s information security plan relates to, and supplements, the Red Flags Rule plan required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) under Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA)?

In both of our Core and Comprehensive courses, we’ll discuss all of this in addition to the shifting regulatory expectations of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), and your state regulators.

You’re required to do it, why not choose Real Estate Institute?

So, as we all know, you have to satisfy your CE requirements, and with that said, wouldn’t you want to do it with the best? Don’t waste your time taking a boring CE class that will have no takeaway. Let our top-notch instructors who not only know the entire profession like the back of their hands, but actively practice the profession deliver you engaging content. You’ll get real-world experience and knowledge in an ever-evolving industry that you cannot get anywhere else. We said we deliver, so let us prove it, and develop a long-lasting relationship for all your CE requirement needs.     

Register today!

If you enroll today in our 7-Hour Core or 8-Hour Comprehensive SAFE CE course, you will be taking advantage of our Early-Bird Special! You pay $98 today vs. the regular price of $149. We also have our Online Self-Study program that is only $64 with the Early-Bird Special. Both offers end on Friday, August 20, 2021, so don’t wait and miss out! We will notify you once all state-specific courses are available.

Still not sold? Read what our alumni who continue to come back to us year after year are saying:

“Instructor was fabulous and very knowledgeable. His experience as a Mortgage Lender provided excellent insight on the business of mortgage lending and his real-life examples validated the learning materials.” – Elida

“I use Institute Online for all my CE Courses whether for Real Estate or Mortgage and it is always top notch. This is the first time I took the Flex Managing Broker and it was outstanding. The Instructors were very good and very knowledgeable. I will be back for my next CE Course!” – Elizabeth

“Considering the “boring” subject matter and the fact that I’ve taken the same classes a million times over my 36-year mortgage career, I thought the teacher made it pretty interesting and he seemed to sincerely care about the subject matter…and the history and future of the mortgage business. Kudos to him!” – Alison

Read what even more of our alumni are saying via Trustpilot.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-995-1700 or visit us online and enroll with us today! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to stay up to date with course offerings, news and discounts! #ChooseREI

3 Tips for a Successful (and On-Time) MLO License Renewal

Hand writing the text: Time to RenewIt’s difficult to believe that another year has come and gone, and the license renewal period for Mortgage Loan Originators is now in full-swing. While this time of year generally involves visions of turkeys, football and sugarplums dancing in heads, let’s not forget that our careers also need some tending to prior to the end of the year. Here are some tips to make sure that the Grinch doesn’t steal your ability to originate loans in 2018.

    While it’s true that the federal SAFE Act sets a December 31 deadline for an on-time renewal application, waiting until the last minute won’t give the licensing agency time to process and approve your application before January 1. Some states will not allow you to originate new business (even with a timely renewal request) until your application has been formally approved, meaning that you will not be able to take applications or review loan terms with new clients until this happens; doing so could land you in hot water with your regulator and face discipline for unlicensed activity. Other States (like Georgia) have earlier deadlines for submitting on-time renewal requests, so please make sure you know the requirements for each state in which you’re licensed. For those of you in Illinois, the IDFPR will only guarantee that your renewal request will be processed before January 1 if you submit it by December 1.


    Most states will not let you submit a license renewal request through NMLS unless you’ve completed your continuing education requirement. Seems simple enough, right? Just do the education on December 30th and renew on the 31st! Unfortunately, to quote a recent nationwide commercial sensation, “That’s not how this works.”

    Course providers have seven days from the day you complete your education to report your hours to NMLS. This means that the latest you can complete education (in most states) and still be guaranteed a timely renewal is December 23. Note that Real Estate Institute will report all course completions until 1:00 PM on Friday, December 29 to allow some extra time, but even WE don’t recommend waiting that long! The good news is, If you need to get your education done, we have options to meet your needs through the end of the year.


    When logging in to NMLS, the “individual dashboard” will tell you how many licenses you have that are eligible for renewal, and how many you are prevented from renewing (generally because of issues like outstanding education or a required fingerprint submission). You’ll need to address any “deficiencies” prior to being able to submit for renewal, and you can find out what those are by clicking on the number of licenses that cannot be renewed. (This will take you to the renewal page, where you’ll have to click “attest and pay” to see a list of licenses that are not eligible.)

    Don’t wait until the last minute to check your record; allow yourself time to address any issues that may come up. This is ESPECIALLY true for those of you licensed in many states, as it’s easier than you think to forget a state-specific education requirement.

If you follow these three tips, you should have an easy and pain-free license renewal, not to mention a more enjoyable holiday season. As always all of us at Real Estate Institute appreciate your time and business, and we wish you the best for a successful 2018.

Happy Holidays!


CE Update and Warning from the NMLS

The Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) sent an email yesterday reminding mortgage loan originators (MLOs) about the annual continuing education (CE) requirement.  The NMLS warns MLOs that based on an upcoming system upgrade, MLOs may experience delays renewing their license.  Bottom line: DO NOT wait until the last minute to complete your CE and renew your license!

The NMLS email stated, “Please be advised that on October 1, 2011, an enhancement is being released in NMLS which, at a state’s discretion, will provide state regulators the ability to prevent an MLO from submitting an application to renew their license if they have not completed CE. A majority of licensing agencies using NMLS will make use of this new system functionality. Since it may take as long as seven (7) days for a course provider to report a course completion into NMLS, MLOs are strongly encouraged not to wait until the last minute to try to complete CE or they may be prevented from submitting for renewal on time. MLOs are encouraged to complete their CE as early as possible.

Additional information about CE and a link to approved courses is available on the NMLS Resource Center.  If you have questions about completing CE, please contact the NMLS call center at (240) 386-4444.”

As a reminder, the SAFE Act states that:

  • individual MLOs who are state-licensed must complete eight (8) hours of NMLS approved CE annually.
  • the 8 hours of CE must include: federal law (3 hours), ethics (2 hours with fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending issues), non-traditional mortgage lending (2 hours) and an elective (1 hour).
  • a number of states also have a specific number of state-specific education requirements that must be met. See the 2011 State-Specific Education Requirements Chart for details.

Real Estate Institute offers NMLS-approved CE that tackles critical, need-to-know issues facing mortgage professionals in 2011.  Don’t delay, enroll today for our upcoming 8-hour course.  Convenient online webinars and live classes are available.