Insurance Ethics Webinars Now Approved and Available

business hand typing on a laptop keyboard with Webinar homepage on the computer screen learning internet website web page concept.After nearly a decade of asking, Illinois insurance producers can finally complete their 3-hour ethics continuing education requirement via webinar. The bill allowing for ethics webinars was signed into law by Gov. Bruce Rauner on August 14, 2018, and the Department of Insurance began approving webinars from course providers (including Real Estate Institute) a few weeks ago.

Although the new law provides a new method of ethics course delivery for insurance producers, the change is not applicable to public adjusters. According to the DOI, licensed Illinois public adjusters must still earn 3 hours of ethics credit by attending a live, in-person class.

The law also creates an education advisory council that will be charged with making recommendations to the state about insurance courses, curriculum and instructor qualifications.

To view Real Estate Institute’s extensive schedule of ethics webinars and in-person classes, click here.

Top Questions Illinois Real Estate Managing Brokers Are Asking About Webinars and CE

Webinar_student favoriteNow that it is license renewal season for Managing Brokers in Illinois, licensees have started to complete their mandatory 24-credit-hour continuing education requirement.  Managing Brokers are required to complete a live, interactive 12-hour Broker Management CE course, which they may attend in the classroom or online.  The live online course, called a “webinar,” is a new and easy way to earn CE credit that most Managing Brokers have not experienced.

Based on the calls we are receiving from Managing Brokers, there seems to be some confusion as to what a webinar is and how it works.  In general, a webinar is a live educational presentation that takes place on the Internet and encourages participation among attendees . Participants can listen to the presenter, submit questions or comments and respond in real-time.

Here are some common questions we’ve received:

Q. Is the webinar an on-demand presentation?
A. No. On-demand presentations are pre-recorded. Webinars are live, real-time presentations that involve interaction between students and instructors. (The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation does not allow on-demand or self-study coursework for Broker Management CE.)
Q. Is the webinar on DVD or audio tape?
A. No. The presentation is broadcast live over the Internet . It’s just like sitting in a classroom but more convenient because you don’t have to travel anywhere to attend.
Q. Can I participate in the webinar from my iPad?
A. Yes. Many mobile devices are supported, including iPad,  iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc. Please note: Mobile devices are supported when you attend a webinar with Real Estate Institute; however, not all providers have webinars that support mobile devices.
Q. Do I need a web camera to participate?
A. No. You need to be able to see the presenter and presentation, but no one needs to see you.
Q. How do I earn CE credit if I’m not sitting in the classroom?
A. With Real Estate Institute’s webinars, students are expected to be active participants from their computer or mobile device. If you respond to all of the attendance checks and questions from the instructor, you are eligible to earn credit. Responding is easy. Sometimes all you have to do is click “yes.”
Q. If I attend the webinar, how do I take the required exam at the end of the course?
A. With our school, you can use a proctor to administer the exam at a date and time convenient for you.
Q. Is help available if I need assistance logging on to the webinar?
A. Yes. Real Estate Institute offers technical assistance the entire time you are logged onto the webinar. All you have to do is call our friendly customer service representatives.
Q. What happens if my Internet connection goes down?
A. When using any CE provider, you are encouraged to use a dependable, high-speed Internet connection while attending a live webinar. If your Internet connection only goes down for a couple minutes, you will just have to click on the link to rejoin the webinar once your connection is up and running.  If your Internet connection is down for a longer period of time (which is less likely), you can call our support team to reschedule.


For more information about the 12-hour Broker Management CE requirement and webinars, visit Real Estate Institute’s website or call 800-995-1700.